Our Highs

What brings you up? What drags you down?

We live in a very busy world. We have our highs, those things, experiences and actions that bring us up and give us positive reinforcement and feeling. Then we have our lows, the things that drag us down and attack our mental and emotional well being. It is important that we take time to acknowledge what our own personal highs and lows are, and adjust our lives accordingly. Too often I have been guilty of cluttering my life with tasks and focuses that entertain my lows and bring me down slowly without me noticing.

When I struggle I am in isolation.

I cast myself away from my loved ones and those around me. I put myself in a confined location where no one can have the opportunity to speak into my life. I bask in my woes and focus and analyze the hardships in my life. I put a microscope on everything wrong in my life and allow it to attack and consume me.

When I struggle I am focused on internal benefits.

I look to serve myself. Workout on my own to get the ideal body I’m looking for. I play video games and consume the world wide web for no other reason than for entertainment. I cram my schedule with things that I enjoy and will only benefit myself, and no one else. Not to say that serving self is bad, however, once moderation is no longer considered, it becomes destructive to me.

When I struggle I am chasing the things of this world.

When I sit down and think about how I could sell my soul to corporate America and make a million dollars by age 30 under the perfect circumstances, and when I think about constructing the perfect social media image to receive attention, I am chasing the world. When I over pursue my physical image and waste time going to the mall each week to pick out the latest trends and pieces so that people will notice me and think highly of me I am chasing the world.

As a flawed human it is so easy to get distracted with all of the glamor that life can bring. Status feels good, rocking fresh clothes that garner compliments feels amazing. Money and achievements is fun. Regardless of what people say, money can buy experiences, and experiences can cultivate happiness, however, long or temporary it may be. However, the satisfaction does not last. My flesh and my carnal nature draw me to chase the temporary things in this life.

The promises of this world and of self are fleeting.

For those who know me, they know that I am a very social creature. I thrive off of people. Connecting, mentoring, learning from. . . the whole nine yards, whatever that even means. People are my passion. Helping folks get to where they want to be in life gives me purpose.

My highs come from switching my focus from internal and self to external and others.

I thrive when I am serving.

When I have an opportunity to reach out a helping hand I thrive. Helping those who are hurting and those who need a hands humbles me. It teaches me that not all are as fortunate as I have been. It does not just stop with the unfortunate though. Even something as simple as helping someone clean up their mess in in a restaurant, carrying someone’s groceries in, or even taking the consideration to hold the door open for someone. If you don’t believe me, try it out. Each hour of one day, do a random act of kindness for someone and let me know what you think and how you feel afterwards.

I thrive when I am connecting.

I thrive when I get to have deep and fulfilling conversations. Connecting with each other on things deeper than small talk ignite my fire for life. See, my issue with going out and partying was never the high energy and loud music. In fact, my issue was that the atmosphere did not facilitate an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation. Time is our greatest asset, and there are only so many weekends we get. If someone said you could change a life if instead of going out, you went out to dinner with an old friend, would you? I definitely would. So why not take the chance? Listen, share, connect.

I thrive when I am thriving.

Most importantly, when I engage in consistent thought and action that allow me to thrive, I begin to thrive even more. Everything that I experience increases its’ positive vibes. Life begins to fire on all cylinders and I feel better on all planes of life. Surrounding yourself with community of positive reinforcement to continue to even thrive even more amplifies it all.

Many say there is a lot to be learned through hardships, but I believe that there is also a lot to be learned through life’s blissful moments. It is important we take time to acknowledge what are our highs and what our lows. When we do we should look to create more opportunities to pursue the highs keeping in mind that our highs should never be too high, and are lows never be too low.

What are your highs? What are your lows? Drop a comment down below with your thoughts!

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