5 practical life tips learning from hiking

Iman Tucker | 5 Tips Mountain Hike
Iman Tucker | 5 Tips Mountain Hike

I went hiking.

I hated hiking.

However, in my experience I learned so much about life that I believe may be applicable to anyone’s circumstance. I was underprepared in every stretch of the imagination. I wore the running shoes instead of hiking boots. I wore all black in 100 degree weather. I wasn’t prepared in the slightest.

I had to step into a space of zen and forge through the experience. As I got over the unfavorable conditions, so many life lessons came into perspective. It only felt right to share those. These are the five takeaways I had.

It is impossible to take the same steps as someone else


The secret place where purpose, passion and desire aligns

Find Your “God Space.” Believe Brand Co | God Space
Find Your “God Space.” Believe Brand Co | God Space
Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

Inside of each of us there is this space that exists. Once reached into it hours feel like mere moments. A space you feel you can leave your tiny dent into the universe. A place where purpose, passion and pure desire aligns.

This place is so rare, some may never find it. For those that do, they know it’s special.

This is your God Space.

A space given to us by our creator where we feel free like we can express ourselves through it and allow the space to serve as our own little version of heaven on earth.


Leaving behind a piece of your legacy each day as if you won’t see tomorrow

iman tucker
iman tucker
Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash

I get asked often about my perspective on career and life.

Specifically on building a life that is full of purpose and passion. One that has motivation and get out of bed and attack the day. A life that is full of joy, happiness and inner peace.

Let me be real for a moment.

I don’t wake up motivated every day. I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and peace each day. I seldom feel any of those things if at all.

Yet — I find myself working toward my purpose every day.

At some point it became popular…

S11 vs 70 vs 72? Which mixer is the best?

rane 72 vs rane 70 vs pioneer s11 | iman tucker
rane 72 vs rane 70 vs pioneer s11 | iman tucker

Let me begin by saying this does not serve as a recommendation for which mixer of the three is best. I’ve used all 3 and there are features of each that I love, some features that I don’t care for, and then some missing features on each mixer.

This serves as things to be aware of that would ultimately lead me to recommending the Rane 72 last of the 3 mixers on the market right now.

Tips to accelerate your mindset and perspective to achieve success

Iman Tucker | Believe Brand Co. | DJ IMN. TCKR | Indianapolis
Iman Tucker | Believe Brand Co. | DJ IMN. TCKR | Indianapolis

1. Success is a reiterative process

Did you ever have an idea that was brilliant, yet it never came to reality?

Was it fear? Was it procrastination?

Whatever it was — relieving yourself of the pressure of perfection will pay strong dividends in the future.

You don’t have to get it right on the first try. Just get close, then refine each time. What you’ll learn is that no amount of reading, YouTube videos, or higher education can replace just doing it.

As you get started you will learn what areas you are good in, what areas need to be improved, and what needs to be…

2020 has been nothing but chaos, but some things remain true

Iman Tucker | Believe Brand Co.
Iman Tucker | Believe Brand Co.

Some are cheering right now, some are hurting.

Regardless, we all are feeling a weight bearing on us right now. The political climate is in a state we’ve never seen. For many, it feels like there is so much uncertainty in the unknown.

For others there is hope.

So many of us didn’t know what to say, how to vote, we simply just did what we felt was best. However we voted, whether we voted at all, we just wanted to do what we felt in our heart was best.

We’ve been pressured to say the right thing, vote for…

A practical approach to a daily activity.

Let me start by saying I am not a car guy. I have never had an affinity for cars. I bought my “dream car” at age 17 for about $10,000.

How a life of taking was taking my life

Photo by Charles Deluvio

I found a crumpled up piece of paper in the bottom of my backpack the other day. It was a list I made in 2018 of all of the things I wanted to enhance my quality of life — camera gear, designer clothing, DJ gear, new computer for work. A ton of stuff.

At first, I diligently committed to updating my list. Each time I obtained an item I would cross it out. Dark enough to where I knew I had purchased it but light enough so I could still see what it was. …

In 2020 businesses are faced with bigger challenges to stay relevant — what does it take to build a strong brand?

We live in a time where essentially any type of product can be bought any where at any time. For many, spending money is bigger than just purchasing an item.

People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger. They want to contribute to a cause and fulfill their social responsibility all while purchasing even every day items.

People are also looking for an experience.

Building a brand has a unique way of attaching identity, purpose, and consumption all in one package and for many customers — is essential to earn their business.

Let’s dive in and…

DJ IMN. TCKR’s Top 100 Tracks

Spotify — New Playlist Alert: This is Iman Tucker | DJ IMN. TCKR
Spotify — New Playlist Alert: This is Iman Tucker | DJ IMN. TCKR

This is DJ IMN’s essential tracks all in one playlists. 100 of Iman’s favorite hits.. Tap in and vibe out.

Be sure to drop a like on the playlist and let us know which tracks you liked best.

See track list below or click here to listen.

For more head over to our site: https://believebrandent.com

Iman Tucker a proud member of Believe Brand Co.

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Iman Tucker | DJ IMN. TCKR

Indy based Entrepreneur and DJ writing about everything brand building, music, and tips to more fulfilling life.

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